About us

Turftex is a distributor and installer of artificial grass for sports facilities, landscaping, playgrounds and interior decoration. With our professional installers, high technology machines and top leveled after-sales service, you can be sure that you will be delivered with world class product and service. Moreover, we are a consultant for investors who are interested to build a football field for the purpose of sale or rent. Our team can provide you solutions in terms of construction, flooring and other technical support.

Our Alliances

Aplusadesign provides services for football field roof installation and construction. Using their vast experience, Turftex were able to partner up with them for many successful projects

For more information about Aplusadesign, please visit www.aplusadesign.com

PD group engineer specialist water system for football field. Their service is beyond construction work. PD group and Turftex help our clients establish commercial justification for the projects and identify the key facilities.

For more information about PD Group, please visit www.pdc-eng.com

Venzo supply and install lighting system for football field and more. They has been in this business for 28 years and done many big projects all over Thailand. Turftex and Venzo can install both indoor or outdoor football field or garden with our professional engineers and equipments.

For more information about Venzo, please visit www.venzo.co.th

Chalad Marketing provide unique online marketing strategies and services. Some of the services include, web web design, development, translations and more. Chalad Marketing provides web design Chiang Mai and Thailand for all Turftex clients.

For more information about Chalad Marketing, please visit www.chaladmarketing.com